Friday, February 21, 2014

Hospital stays and international travel

Well it has been while since I have blogged.  I want you to know that I have composed several blogs, but just haven't finished them, I don't know if that makes my silence any better or not? :)

On Wednesday Simon started throwing up, while it is always bad to have a vomiiting child, it was especially bad because he has been losing weight.  We had a "modivational" talk from the peds office about his need to gain weight just last thursday.  We had a family meeting, made our plans and then found ourselves unable to fully implement them because Simon was sick....AGAIN.

By Thursday, Simon threw up if we put any food or water in his mouth.  In the afternoon I called the doctor's office and then took him in, they then sent us to the hospital, for an iv and monitoring overnight.  I wasn't really thrilled to be taking my son to the hospital and was very fearful that once we were here they weren't going to let us leave!!!  However, things have gone really well.

Once the iv was in him last night his color looked so much better.  They ran some tests and found that he has pneumonia :( So he was coughing the night away last night and was pretty tired in the morning when they came to draw more blood.  But this afternoon he started acting more himself. He was laughing at Ishmael and smiling again, and even rocking in his bed :)

He still has a bad cough, which is making feeding him slow, I also don't really think he wants to be eatting, but that is the key to us going home, so that is what we are doing!!  If he keeps, keeping down the formula, then we are going to be good to go in just a few hours!!!

Here is Simon looking pretty cheery and showing off his big IV protector!

this is Ishmael, just before he got busted for standing up in Simon's crib. :)

One reason I really want to go home is that I need to pack, I am leaving to go to Bulgaria for a week with my friend Grace!! She is adopting a handsome little boy named Tony, from Simon's old orpahanage.  (this is the same Grace for whom this blog dirived it's name, from my first visit to Bulgaria where Grace was meeting her daughter Sam for the first time!)  I am getting excited about our trip, just in time to get ready to go!  But I will say, last night I was a little full of dread.  Our friend group has been under attack health wise, and this was kind of too close to home and too close to our trip.  But I can tell people have been praying, because I am NOT a basket case right now!

So there you have it. I have completed a blog. WOOO HOOO.

Please check back, as I hope to have some travel photos coming up here soon.  Also be sure to read Grace's blog for her latest news as she meets Tony!!

Please keep Simon in your prayers as he heals from this illness and his mom leaves for a week!!  Pray for my hubby and for Ishmael too!!  I have to have faith they will all be okay, so I can get on that plane!!!


  1. I'm so sorry to hear that Simon has been sick! (But he still looks adorable!) Praying that he will get well quickly and begin to gain weight again so you won't worry too much while you're away. :-) And I'll be praying for you and Grace and for your families while you are traveling!